September 17, 2021
Ayia Napa Sea Monster Is It Real or Just Myth

Ayia Napa Sea Monster – Is It Real or Just Myth?

A lot of countries have their own monsters such as America has Bigfoot, the Himalayas have their Yeti, and Norway has the Kraken. Just like other countries, Cyprus has its monster named Ayia Napa- the sea monster.

This Ayia Napa sea monster is considered living around Cape Greco in the southeastern part of Cyprus.  And only some local tales present the evidence of the existence of the monster.  Some people reported that they had seen the monster, but there is no photograph to prove. Whether there is any evidence or not, the local community strongly supports the concept of Ayia Napa, and also the tourists are very attracted to this sea creature.

How does it look like: 

According to some people, the Ayia Napa Sea monster looks like a giant crocodile while some say, it looks like a sea serpent. The ancient vases day, the monster has the torso of a woman along with a dozen serpent limbs. It also has six growling dog heads. Latin scholar and biographer Gaius JuliusHyginus claimed that the sea monster Ayia Napa had too many limbs to paint. This sea monster often compared to Scylla- one of the most fearsome giant sea monsters in ancient Greek Mythology.

The residence of the monster: 

The home of the sea monster is the Cape Greco meaning Greek Cape which is located in the southeastern part of Famagusta, Cyprus. There is a resort town called Ayia Napa where the cape is located. The resort is also a very popular tourist destination. Cape Greco is a National Forest Park with immeasurable natural beauty that includes many sea caves. So, it might be the home of the sea monster. The local fishermen call the monster “To Filiko Teras’ – ‘the friendly monster’ because they believe that the monster has never harmed anyone apart from tearing only some fishermen nets.

View of Agia Napa beach located in vicinity of Nelia Beach Hotel
Agia Napa beach (Wikimedia commons)

The evidence of the monster:

No such evidence can prove the existence of the Aiya Napa sea monster. There is no photograph of this monster. According to local legends, Cape Greco is the home of the creature where it is seen. There are various descriptions of the monster. Some say, it looks like the other monster Scylla where some say, the upper part of the monster is a dragon and the lower part is similar to a porpoise. But most of the people believe that the Ayia Napa has the form of a serpent or a crocodile. Though there is no photographic evidence, people believe that the monster exists which attracts the people to the spot.

Scylla – The sea monster of Greek mythology

According to Greek mythology, Scylla is a 12 feet female sea monster with six head and each of them is attached to a long neck. Scylla also has three rows of sharp teeth. This monster lives in the side of a narrow channel of water which is just opposite to her counterpart Charybdis, another sea monster depicted as a whirlpool. These two monsters live in such a narrow space that any sailor attempting to Scylla might encounter Charybdis and vice versa.

Scylla on Ancient Roman silver coin
Scylla on Ancient Roman silver coin (
The first appearance of Scylla happened in Homer’s Odyssey. Odysseus, the hero had to choose between the side of Scylla and Charybdis while passing. The sorceress advised choosing Scylla because instead of losing the entire sheep, six men would be better. Still, it doesn’t mean that the Scylla is less dangerous than her counterpart Charybdis. The myth saying “between Scylla and Charybdis” means being tangled between the two equally dangerous or desirable options.

The aiya napa and the Scylla: Which one is dangerous?

From the depiction of Scylla, we certainly can see that the Ayia Napa sea monster is a subtle creation. The local fishermen even have given a nickname to Ayia Napa “O Filikos Teras” meaning ‘The Friendly Monster’. Ayia Napa definitely seems friendly because it hasn’t killed any people other than damaging some fishermen nets. So compared to Scylla, Ayia Napa is a friendly monster. While Odysseus tried to avoid sea monsters, people nowadays are seeking for the monster. People who come to the tourist spot Cape Greco hope that they would get a glimpse of the Ayia Napa.
Local authorities were trying to find evidence of the monster. Back in 2008, around the Kouris Dam, a crocodile-like creature was seen and the authorities went there to investigate. Some believed that it was associated with the Ayia Napa while some said that it was only a crocodile. Now government officials have started searching for the sea monster. Hopefully any day soon, people will get to see a glimpse of the Ayia Napa sea monster.

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